Grow With Us

Are you a single entity? PRMarketer has made it it’s goal to be reachable to all types of companies, including the individual. We know that you have to start somewhere. As you start to grow your business, you must use your resources as best as possible and squeeze as much value as you can out of those resources. We understand this. We strive to bring value and powerful results to the single entity in whatever their specialty may be.

Press releases are no longer just for the big corporations. We’ve changed the game. We have valued our service to accommodate all kinds of industries and persons. Let us help you grow your voice and be heard.


Benefits for Individuals

  • Cost effective way to gain visibility
  • Get powerful authority sites linking back to your company
  • Save enormous time to work on other aspects of your company
  • Gain instant credibility
  • Grab potential customers and sales
  • Great for start-up companies