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AMC Announces Addition Of Two Red ONE Cameras and Operators


Expanding its digital capability, The American Movie Company has added Red ONE digital cameras to its facilities, with competent operators to boot.


The American Movie Company is a full-service, boutique video production facility specializing in HD green screen studio production, editing and digital compositing. Its team of Digital Effects artists create photorealistic & fantasy 3D virtual sets, and then use "camera matchmove" to seamlessly integrate moving camera shots of actors from its green stages.


As experts in RedCam and 5D Mark II shooting and total post workflow, as well as new media and webstreaming, AMC offers daily and hourly all inclusive rates in our green screen sound stages.


AMC's new tech center at 50 Broadway, New York City, is now connected by high-speed fiber to its event spaces which include a large ballroom stage, conference center and breakout rooms. In addition, its facilities now offer multicamera shoots and stream live or HD broadcast over satellite.


To further expand its professional digital services, AMC now utilizes two Red ONE Digital Cinema Cameras to its line-up of advanced equipment. Two fully trained, competent technical operators also join the AMC team to meet the growing market demand for digital cinema quality.


The Red ONE with upgraded Mysterium-X image sensor rates around 800 ASA and solves the low-light ‘blue hungry’ issues associated with the factory issued chips in the original design.  The new sensitivity and range of the Red ONE M-X, coupled with film quality cinevized lenses, makes it the perfect fit for any studio or location setting.


“I really enjoy the freedom the Red ONE allows in the studio. We’ve got a Kino and Fresnell tungsten arsenal that gives me so much room to work with, and the two Red ONE Cameras add that cinema quality depth and the range to light creatively and make some beautiful images,” says Adam Barbay, head gaffer and grip at the American Movie Co.


The two Red ONEs add a significant amount of depth to the budget capabilities offered by AMC, rounding out a range of possibilities that include everything from DSLRs, to professional grade cameras like the Sony F900.


For more information on The American Movie Company's Redcam rentals price and availability, or to inquire about AMC's services, visit or call Bill Milling at (212)-952-1800.




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