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New York, NY (January 28,2014) – Falling in love seems effortless, but what does a person do when the other person in the relationship falls out of love? In a relationship, a bond is formed between two people. When that relationship is cut, that bond is severed, thus leaving emotional scars on a person. A person is never the same because the relationship has left a deep mark. Breaking up can leave a person in a whirlwind of depression, confusion, anger and hopelessness. Oftentimes, a heartbroken person may face the thoughts of: ‘I will never find someone else again’; or ‘There’s no more hope’; or ‘I will die without my ex’; or ‘Should I call my ex?’; or ‘Can I still win back my ex?’; or ‘Does my ex still care for me?’ 

According to Daniel Dalton, “Almost no situation is unsalvageable…” There is still a way for both men and women reconnect with the ex. Whether it’s a recent breakup or a painful divorce, his website Win-Your-Ex.Com offers practical steps to rebuilding the attraction of an ex. Dalton warns though that, , “What many people don’t realize is that what feels natural to try and win an ex back can often times be the reason that initially drove them away.” He explains that, “You must first control your emotional state, before you can attempt to win your ex back.”

It is common to be needy and desperate at this time. Many people often find that their attempts to win their ex back only served to do the opposite and pushed them farther away.

Win-You-Ex.Com was created for broken hearts seeking advice on how to get back with their ex. In it, readers can access a free “emergency kit” on what to do during a breakup. Some of the other things covered by the kit include: Improving a person’s chances to getting his/her ex back without the costly mistakes; Discovering when is the right time to call and when not to call one’s ex; How to make one’s self more desirable to the ex and regain his/her attraction; Tapping into the inner mind of one’s ex and discovering what they are thinking about.

Win-Your-Ex.Com provides honest and proven methods to help reconnect and move forward in life, ultimately to get an ex back. Dalton attests that even relationships that were broken up because of infidelity can still be healed. The website offers a free copy of the Emergency Breakup Kit by submitting your information.

However, he adds that “Before you can expect to win your ex back you need to get yourself in check in dealing with a breakup. Even though you feel like you can bargain, complain and beg your way back. Don’t! You truly need to get a few things covered first.”
Those in the middle of a breakup or those who are still longing to get back together with one’s ex can log on to for more tips on how to recapture one’s lost love and make it flourish.


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