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The AUDI A6 comes with cutting-edge features including its technologically-advanced AUDI A6 Navigation system. This AUDI Navigation System is the GPS navigation meant to be used in the A6 luxury automobile.

!New York (I-Newswire) September 29, 2013 –

The AUDI A6 comes with cutting-edge features including its technologically-advanced AUDI A6 Navigation system. This AUDI Navigation System is the GPS navigation meant to be used in the A6 luxury automobile. This navigation system is packed with contemporary features that a lot of car owners would want to install in their vehicles.

When using the AUDI A6, one can expect a superior navigation system that would rival even the AUDI TT Navigation system. The A6 Navigation system has a 7″ 400 x 800 digital LCD touch screen monitor (hi-definition) that comes with PIP functionality, which is rare in other automobile brands. Because of the PIP feature, one can utilize any two of the Bluetooth, AUX, Radio, and DVD features.

If a car owner opts to install the latest AUDI A6 Navigation in an older AUDI A6 model, the owner will not have an issue as the latest models would fit any A6 starting from the 2001 model. The hardware normally comes with various connectors that will fit any connectors utilized by navigation systems being used in A6 models. GPS navigation enables the use of the radio or music players while the AUDI A6 Navigation is used. When played, music does not interrupt the system’s navigation features.

The A6 Navigation has 40 GB of memory in its hard drive. One would be pleasantly surprised with the accurate navigation maps of all Western European cities. The directions are displayed clearly on the screen. The steering wheel – in certain models – is integrated fully with navigation controls (multi-functional).

For storing music files, 10 GB is allotted for the user in the A6 Navigation system. One can choose between audio or visual navigation steps. Also, 3D maps are available for most European cities with actual views of cities’ significant landmarks. The Traffic Message Channel is used to get information of traffic conditions in order to avoid traffic jams.

This system enables drivers to utilize voice commands for entering the destinations and people who want to use a simple map instead of a 3D one can do so at their discretion. Drivers can zero in on any part of the map. Intersection zooming is automatically done for the convenience of the driver.

With the AUDI A6 Navigation system, one can expect accuracy. One can also expect to reach his or her destination at the soonest possible time without any hitches. This navigation system is indispensable for an AUDI A6 car model.

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