Connect With Us Online: Facebook Twitter plans to continue expanding its services to job seekers from other parts of the world. They already have users from other countries, like the United Kingdom and Canada, and the number of users from other countries is growing rapidly.

California (I-Newswire) April 26, 2013 –, a new social networking site focused on employement, received great reviews from users who are looking for jobs after launching this week.

Recently, has been launched worldwide. This site aims to connect employers and employees online and provides an innovative video resume platform for its users. It focuses on helping job hunters find the right jobs and the talent seekers get the best employees to fit their needs. is a revolutionary combination of a video platform and a business social networking site. What makes this groundbreaking hybrid technology so special is that its users are able to not only find what they are looking for in their careers, but they can also enjoy the process like any other social networking site. Users can interact with their contacts and friends while they are looking for employment.

Easy, online resume uploads

With millions of new graduates and job seekers around the globe, it is not surprising that the online social commuity eventually became a hub for finding employment. Many of those who signed up on said they found the site through their friends who are also looking for jobs. The reason why they were convinced to try it is because of the way they can present their resume online.

“Every time I’ve changed jobs, I’ve been using the same resume over and over again. I spent a lot of time updating my old resume but even after I did, it still looked dull. Now I’m on Resuface and I can say that I have my best resume ever. It’s just like updating your info on Facebook so it is comprehensive and not boring.” -K. Jiggins, North Carolina

“I’m loving It lets me update my resume anytime, easily. It saves time since you can just do it directly on the site.” -S. Morgan, California

“I didn’t know about video resumes until I signed up for Now I find it effective and more interesting than ordinary resumes.” -D. Carl, Texas

Building you online presence

What makes an advanced way to look for a job is the opportunity it gives to its users to build their online presence, which is a hugely helpful factor for employers hiring today. Since is a social networking site that can be used to promote a person on search engines, it then can build up the user’s image on the web.

“When I Googled my name I found my account on the first page.” – J. Foster, Illinois.

“It adds to your credibility. At least if my future employers searched for my name on the web, they could see that I was a reputable applicant.”- G. May, Maryland

“I’m a freelance writer and I consistently need clients. Thanks to, the number of my clients has now doubled. Since I got my account, people now find me more trustworthy (laughs).” – J. Bouch, West Virginia

Quality, updated job listings

Like other job listing boards, makes it a primary goal to provide plenty of job listings for their users. They see to it that their job boards are always updated. They also continue to bring in more employers so that their job options are varied. It is especially easy for job seekers to find job openings in their preferred career paths since the job postings are categorized. This is yet another reason why this site is now preferred by many over other job listing sites.

“Resuface jobs are always updated. Unlike other sites where the jobs today are still on the first page the next two days, theirs change daily. Job seekers can then have another chance to look for work tomorrow if they’re not able to find something today.” -A. Walley, Florida

“They have such a wide selection of job openings. You really get to choose the ones that suits your skills and interest.” -H. Smith, California

“You can find lots of employers on and that means lots of jobs, too.” -A. Cheng, Florida

Creating hope for the future plans to continue expanding its services to job seekers from other parts of the world. They already have users from other countries, like the United Kingdom and Canada, and the number of users from other countries is growing rapidly. Social media experts predict that this site will boom in the next four to six months. According to them, it will be in high demand since it is not just a social networking site but also a tool, to meet the growing need of employers and job seekers from all over the globe.

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