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NFPA 701 Compliant Flame Retardant Fabrics for Safer Events Available From OnlineEEI

28. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments, a leading provider of party and event decor and equipment, offers flame retardant fabrics of all types that meet industry standards.() Modern laws in the United States require the use of flame retardants in certain areas where events are held. As a result, the demand for flame retardant fabrics has dramatically risen over the years. Flame retardant fabrics essentially reduce the risks of textiles catching fire, thereby effectively protecting event hosts, attendees and their property Read more [...] Lays Out Scar Information and Lists Best Scar Removal Products

28. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

() Having scars in any part of the body is much like carrying around something that anyone cannot be proud of. Scars go beyond blemishing the skin; they also tend to affect the emotional well-being of a person. Because scars are normally worth hiding, the physical imperfection often succeeds in bringing about deeper issues such as low self-esteem. is all about educating individuals suffering from scars, featuring a plethora of articles discussing the problem. The people behind Read more [...] Offers List of Top Stretch Mark Cream Products that Work

27. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

() To remedy the skin and beauty issue, various solutions to the problem have emerged, including invasive - not to mention costlier - options. For people who are comfortable going under the knife during, stretch mark surgery may prove to be a great option. Stretch mark therapies offered by expensive clinics are also available. For people who want practical stretch mark solutions, the good news is that the market is flooded with stretch mark products in cream or serum forms that provide the ideal Read more [...]

Cincinnati Printing Pro Solves the Problem of High Printing Costs

26. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

() It's not at all uncommon for businesses to unknowingly overpay for their needs. More often than not, business owners think that the more costly products and services tend to be of better quality. Many entrepreneurs turn to the expensive option when printing marketing or advertising materials and other business essentials, believing that by paying higher prices, the results will be of superior quality. Cincinnati Printing Pro debunks the idea that high quality must necessarily come at a high price. Read more [...]

Network Monitoring Specialist Ensure Quality Service with Microsoft-based Solutions and Systems

26. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

Sonar Technology specializes in offering essential network software and services so that businesses ensure that their IT systems are fully functional, and regularly monitored.() Businesses of all sizes and across all industries operate on a complex network systems that, when subjected to unplanned downtime, can be very costly. Moreover, disruption in any form to operations is the last thing any business operations need in a busy working day. Sonar Technology is dedicated to monitoring and brings Read more [...]

ASO Professional Launches First App Store Optimization Podcast in iTunes

26. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

Gabriel Machuret from is proud to present the first ever ASO Podcast in iTunes.() Hinged on the principles behind optimization to rank high in search results, App Store Optimization is an extremely new concept that many app developers are facing issues with. Issues such as too many variables, predictability, new ranking rules, complex algorithm and varied algorithm rules continue to hound App stores, hindering them from succeeding in the emerging, albeit new, industry that takes Read more [...]

EPX Encapsulates the Essentials on How to Become A Millionaire in 6-Minute Video

26. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

EPX Body, a company specializing in health and weight-loss products, offers entrepreneurs the opportunity of a lifetime to get guaranteed earnings that can accumulate up to a million dollars - all explained in the "6-Minute Millionaire Movie."() Many have dared to venture out into the often difficult path to earning extra money from home. While online businesses of all kinds sound and look promising, most people find that success is not always so easy for everyone. In fact, not-so-encouraging Read more [...] Offers Free Online Posting of Phone Number Complaint Reports

25. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

Allen, TX (I-Newswire) January 25, 2013 - Bullying over the phone through text and calls is a serious issue hounding men and women of all ages. At home, in school or in the office, anyone can fall victim to harassing calls from people who either constantly hang up or play pranks to annoy and agitate the other end of the phone line. People also commonly hear about callers who try to talk individuals into fraudulent transactions or scams, and usually seek personal information.People can report such Read more [...]

New Website Reveals Fruit Nutrition Facts to Naturally Fortify Health

25. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

Los Angeles, CA (I-Newswire) January 24, 2013 - Since time immemorial, fruits have proven to be vital sources of vitamins and minerals that make the body healthy. Both old and modern scientifically backed research show that people who consume fruits tend to live longer than those who do not.Because we ascribe to the belief that a stronger body is the foundation of a longer life, we urge you to make a preference for these amazing foods and reserve a space on your table for them.Fruit Lush is packed Read more [...] Delivers Delicious, Healthy and Affordable Proteine Dieet Products in the Netherlands

25. January, 2013|Business Press Releases|No comments

The Netherlands (I-Newswire) January 24, 2013 - It is never easy to go on a diet. Many individuals can attest to this fact, especially when on an nutrition plan that does away with the tasty yet unhealthy junk food. Moreover, many diet fads do not deliver the ideal results because they lack in providing the proper nutrition for a balanced diet. Unsurprisingly, many tend to fall short of their promises and plans to stay healthy and keep fit.Prodivita Nederland endorses the Prodivita protein diet, Read more [...]

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CRE-Finance LLC Shares Business and Industries Loans (B&I) from the USDA

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Joanna Vargas Day Spa Goes Bigger And Redefines Anti-Aging Skincare For Summer

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Surfers Century Oceanside Apartments Awarded 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

() Surfers Century Oceanside Apartments is proud to announce that it has recently received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence 2014 award. The accolade, which honours hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve... Read more