How It Works

We have created a personalized and efficient system that allows for you to be an active part of the process, without any extra time or effort spent. The whole process, down to the last detail, is done through precise manual work by our experienced team.

Here’s How It Works:


We write

Easy To Use
Once the process has begun, the first step begins with you in mind. We will ask you to fill out user-friendly company details form in order for us to gather data to create your press release. Once you have filled out the company details form, your information will then be prepared and sent to our experienced staff writers to materialize your message into a professionally written press release. Each press release will be written with your message and your suggestions in mind.


Typical turnaround time for press release completion usually takes 24-48 hours after we have received your company details. Once your personalized press release is completed, it will be sent to you for your approval. We do not settle. If you have any revisions or edits you would like us to make, we will gladly revise the press release until you are satisfied with the final product.

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We do not submit until we get your 100% approval, and won’t rest until we do. We will be in constant communication with you, making sure your press release voices your message as you intended.


Our experienced writers have been trained in Search Engine Optimization. They specialize in SEO optimizing press releases. Rest assure that your press release has been tailored to help you target the terms people use to find you. After you have approved the press release for submission, your press release will then enter Step Two: Distribution.


We distribute

After you have approved your press release for distribution we will start the submission process. Depending on the time of day you approve your press release, it can go out the same day, or next day.

We take every step to make sure it is submitted at the peak of efficiency so your company gets the most exposure possible.

Our team manually submits to our press release distributors making sure your press release is submitted properly and professionally. Once your press release has been submitted for distribution, our press release distributors will approve your press release and the syndication process will begin.


This is where it gets exciting as your press release begins to be picked up by various authority sites. Your press release will be syndicated to high-quality sites like,, Google News and more. Remember, the higher quality sites that list your press release, the higher quality back links you will receive from these sites.

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Get published on Google News and be found. With our SEO tailored press release, you will be placed in Google News among only the most important news of the day. Once your press release has been published to all of our partners, we will report back to you in our next phase, Step Three: Reporting.


We report

This is the final phase of our press release service. We send you a personalized downloadable report presenting your press release results in an easy to read format displaying where your press release has been published to.


Our concise eight-page PDF displays your press release and where it’s been indexed on major search engines as well as lists the powerful authority sites it has been published to. Your newly published press release on powerful websites on the edge of your fingertips in a professionally created report, exclusively by

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You should expect to receive your report no later than 24 hours after your press release has been submitted and distributed.