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What Makes a Press Release Newsworthy?

What Makes a Press Release Newsworthy?

1. February, 2013|Copywriting, Helpful Tips|No comments

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When it comes to creating a compelling story, some people may find it difficult to drum up the angle or ideas of a story that will have hungry reporters grabbing at the first chance of getting the scoop. Granted not all press releases will be picked up. But that doesn’t mean that your press release doesn’t offer any value to your company.  Press release help announce your message and news to the media and public but you can also include an interesting quote from a representative to help tell your story.

What makes your company different?

Whether you are a local business or see the need to provide your services or products. You offer something unique apart from the competition. Whether it’s your specialized clientele or how your products work, be sure to touch upon these key differences.

Here are some ideas that can help spark an interesting quote. Do you have a special history in your operations?  Are you involved with the Community or How You Made a Difference? Did you help your clients achieve any goals? Success stories can help highlight your company and garner some interest.

Do you have something unique to share?

If you are venturing into something new and there isn’t much of a landscape. Use that to your advantage. Perhaps you are addressing a common problem and found your niche by serving a growing immediate need.

While pricing and promotion make a good press release, getting to the WHY or the theme for the promotion can help tell your story. Whether it’s to make room for the new inventory or it’s near a holiday, bringing the reason to the inventory will make for a hook for a story, versus just announcing a sale.

Does it relate to a current topic or Trend?

Piggybacking on current trends can help you gain traction and attention for your press release. However, it’s important to use discretion. While it may seem creative to tie in the hottest talk and topic in the News Headlines, make sure it’s related in some way. If not, you could be leading yourself down the path to be scorn.

Whatever your press release may be about, think about YOUR story and how your company or business makes a difference in the world. You may not always hit the bull’s eye, but with enough practice and experience, you just might be picked up on the newswires.