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Telling Your Story with Press Releases

Telling Your Story with Press Releases

18. February, 2013|Copywriting, Helpful Tips, Marketing|No comments

The Power of Story

posted by Anthony Santiago

Press Releases offer an excellent way to connect with media and with your audience. While some people may question if their news is actually newsworthy, but I suggest that you look deeper into your new to find the story.

Everything has a story. Whether it is an announcement about new personnel or a launch of a new product into the market, there is a story to be told. Some people may find it difficult to find the story when they begin to think about their press release but here are some questions you can ask yourself to get started.

What makes YOU different from others in your market or industry?

For example, excellent customer support is a great feature to highlight but if there is an angle to showcase how your customer support has made a difference to a customer, you should tell that story.

An excellent way to highlight your key benefit is to make sure it is mentioned in a quote. It can be from a company spokesperson or yourself, but it should always be written in third person. You need to make sure that it is written as if a reporter was asking the question.

By telling your story, you help increase your chances of having a journalist or reporter picking it up. By presenting your news in a way that helps them pull your story and make it interesting to their audience, then you have increased your chances by 34%.

As with any good story remember the who, what, when, where, and how. The press release should be around 300-500 words and only one page in length maximum.

The power of story should be used whenever possible in all your marketing efforts including press releases.

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