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11. February, 2013|Helpful Tips|No comments

Writing a press release is a different art form than other types of writing pieces. You are writing to a specific audience, one where you hope will pick up your news. To have the best chance of having your news picked up you must remember your objective when writing your press release and also know the tricks of the trade. This post is here to provide you with some helpful tips when it comes to writing newsworthy press releases. First let us remember our Objective…

Objective: To improve the overall quality of the written press releases to be more newsworthy and current.

Reporters look for a story that is interesting to his readers and pleasing to his editor. They don’t care about great selection, super customer service, and commitment to quality. Do not take sell, sell, sell approach. Its about telling the STORY. Figure out the exact message you are trying to get across and how it qualifies as news. The press release should serve to help reporter tell the STORY. While this may be challenging, its important to try to either:

  • Get a story from a specific announcement
  • Tie the press release to a current event (news)
  • Provide curiosity in the press release and hook the reader in wanting to learn more.

Here are some Tips when writing a press release. The tips are broken down by the essential parts of a press release:

Headline Tips: Keep it under 80 characters. Do not include works such as best, easy, affordable, low-costs. Do includes words that are associated with ‘News’ such as Doubles Quarterly, Delivers, Record, Team Up, Boosts, UK Market, US Market, Launches, Announces, Earns, Celebration, Participate, Offers, Discuss, Completes, Reports, Acquire, To Speak, “______” Company, Hold, Presented By, Update, Partners, Introduces. Include keyword naturally.

Summary Tips: Summarize press release main idea. Practically a longer descriptive headline.

Opening Paragraph Tips: Includes the who, what, when, where, and how of the story. No room for hype or sell. Just facts. Statistics may also be used here. Talk about any dates. Present the who, what, where.

Middle Paragraphs Tips: Support opening paragraph. Talk more about angle. Talk more about company. Do not add fluff. If a word doesn’t need to be there, do not include it. Include a quote if possible. Stay away from hype-bloated phrases.

Last Paragraph Tips:
Here are some examples you can use of the closing paragraph:

  1. For more information on (Product Name/Services Name) please visit URL.
  2. For more information on this timely news topic, please contact (Name; email address).
  3. For (Product/Company Name) information, please call (Number) or go to (URL) to learn more.

Use these tips as a guide to writing your press releases and find your news in THE NEWS!


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