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posted by Anthony Santiago

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Headlines are the most vital part on a Press Release. They must tell be able to quickly tell you the gist of the story but it also has to be concise. As hard as it sounds, the reality is that it’s easy.

Make It Count

Headlines are the first thing that the reader sees. This is also your time to get them hooked. How? Here are some tips that can help you make your headline effective and help you capture your reader’s attention in a sea of other headlines.

Keep It Condensed

Summarize your article or story through your headline. Try to include keywords that can catch the attention of the reader at the same time can be in favor on search engines for easy search. It is not required to be catchy and flamboyant but it needs to be clear and precise. Limit your headline, if possible 6-7 words will do. It should set off a good story at the same time intrigues your reader. Write a compelling headline but deliver the quality content. Keep in mind that even though it’s short it does not mean it needs to lack information. A good article always keeps it reader interested from the first word of the headline until to the very last word

Attract Your Reader

How do you attract a Male/Female? You should always put your best foot forward, same as making a good headline. You should use more clickable words than other articles. For example which would most likely to click? “Send large files to your friends” or “The easiest way to send Super Large Files”. The trick here is use superlatives. On those headlines one is just going to teach you how to send files but the other said that there are an easier way to do it. And people search for these articles to help them not to complicate their lives even more.

Give Them a Reason ‘Why’

Give your reader a reason why should they click your article than from the others posted. This means that you should use a unique headline that will stand out from the others. At this point you should be promoting the product or the company that you are writing for. It’s like buying a dress. Would you buy a plain white dress than a white dress with gems and crystals? Of course not, just like a headline. Why would you read a dull, uninspiring headline when there are articles that seem to be interesting?

Give Your Readers What They Want to Hear and Tease Them to Click


Of all the tips this is the most important. Why? Despite of all the catchy words and attractive topic, you should still consider the quality of the headline. Never scarifies the credibility of your headline for some fancy words. People read articles to get some information and to learn, remember best foot forward. And first impression always last. Make sure that your reader will be hungry for more because you gave them exactly what they want so the next time you will write an article and they see your headline they already know they are up for a good read.


Here’s a great resource to writing a good headline:


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