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The Press Release is Dead (Google’s New Link Scheme)

The Press Release is Dead (Google’s New Link Scheme)

26. January, 2014|Helpful Tips, Marketing|No comments

Press Release Dead? Matt Cutts

Is the Press Release Dead?

As some of you may have heard, in the middle of last year Google updated their Link Scheme section and seemed to have taken a direct appeal to using press releases. Many people were caught blind sided and some even believed that this was the end of using press releases for publicity purposes. Others expected something like this to happen sooner or later, just as it does to all SEO techniques and methods (people are still wondering if social bookmarking, blog commenting, and article marketing is useful). Whenever something is put in the spotlight by Google, in this case press releases, chances are it isn’t dead at all.

Why So?

Well let’s think about it. The reason it has first been brought into the spotlight is because the press release has been THAT effective for SEO purposes. If it wasn’t, then the big G wouldn’t have tried to drop the hammer so hard. This is been done time and time again, with article marking, social bookmarking, blog commenting, you name it. And these methods, are still around. Granted, as each one becomes rung through the Google machine, quality becomes the name of the game and this is no different. Sure, Google may have put the spot light on press releases this time, but the same rings true just as it did before, quality beats quantity every time.

In fact, in some ways this is beneficial for the entire community because now there is a prime opportunity for those willing to put in the extra work to make quality press release submissions and at the same time the whole spectrum of press releases will better for it. This actually should boost the press release value now that quality will be the name of the game. Instead of seeing this at the end of the road for the press release, look at it as a new turn for it.

Are you ready?

We at PRMarketer are not turned away by the Google Updates but rather applaud them for weeding out the low quality work. This can only benefit us as we use every guideline they list when using press releases. We focus on Navigational links, use only 100% unique content, submit using only paid press release distributors, and are  no-follow.