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How Can Press Releases Work for Your Marketing Efforts?

How Can Press Releases Work for Your Marketing Efforts?

3. February, 2014|Helpful Tips, Marketing, Online Reputation|No comments

By: Anthony Santiago

Whether your company is online or offline, press releases are still considered a fundamental step in any marketing campaign. While some may argue how press releases are deemed by search engines, true be told, they are still being used by thousands of companies looking to increase the visibility in media and their industry news.

 Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing efforts can be bolstered with the use of press releases. With video, whitepaper, article or new product release, press releases are able to build an avenue for media, industry peers and consumers to follow your new content. Press releases not only announce your news but a well written and positioned press release can draw thousands of eyes to you.

Press releases are one pillar in many for your content marketing efforts. It’s an easy way to help build relevancy to you in your market.

Media Visibility

With the growing surge of social media, press releases are not considered the only principle communications to media. However, press releases still do offer long lasting pillars of content marketing and information for both journalists and consumers alike. Because online distribution blurs the line of the reach of traditional media, online press release distribution can bypass media directly to your consumers or customer base. This allows for transparency and snippets for anyone looking for information about your company’s products or services to be found.

Savvy consumers have a good chance of stumbling upon one of your press releases when doing research before purchasing. Your press release becomes an ally when increasing your credibility and visibility in search. Getting in front of your audience is important, when your competitors are vying for your market share. Press releases offer a good vehicle to present your position in your market.

Content MarketingSearch Contextual Relevancy

From the search standpoint, a well written press release provides contextual information and news that helps readers understand updates from your company. If your company is a local business or a fortune 500 company, press release offer the same benefit by its contextual relevance. A smart press release peppers in targeted keywords that improve the latency of the body and message. What we are emphasizing is building a story that supports your marketing efforts. If you want to position yourself in your niche, then add “keyword phrases” hat helps tell your story.

A compelling story and angle is what press releases should be used for, first and foremost. Name dropping can work to your advantage if your product or services is related to another competitor. Perhaps you see how your market is evolving and how your company is positioned for the future.

For those who feel like underdogs, this can work well to gain association with bigger fish in your market. It’s important to tell YOUR story. To give reasons, contextually why you are relevant and why you are newsworthy.

Online Reputation Management

While press releases can be used for many reasons, it can be used with handling the online reputation management. With search, online reputation management can help tame a negative review or rant for a disgruntled customer.  Press Releases can help combat negative public opinion by releasing a press release to quell or address content online that can tarnish a brand or company.

The best way to approach this type of negative publicity is to announce points that can help address possible public concerns. The worst thing to do is to ignore these issues.

As with any public relations situation, address the issue ahead on professional and appropriately will help rebuild the trust of public opinion.

Don’t forget, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. Those who are proactive will be able to contain the situation. Press Release can help announce a new version of your product, if the last version had bugs. If you have a problem with customer support, an announcement of a toll-free number can help address these issues without ignoring the problem.  If there is a problem, you as a business owner should try to fix it. And if you do, publish a press release about it.

Feedback both negative and positive will help improve your business and are a good thing, IF you address them.

So if you have not considered using press release for your marketing efforts why not  rethink your content marketing efforts for 2014.