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When Is the Best Time to Submit a Press Release?

When Is the Best Time to Submit a Press Release?

27. January, 2014|Helpful Tips, Marketing|No comments

posted by Anthony Santiago

Best time to submit a press releaseTiming is everything isn’t it? A misaligned news release can have a varying degree of performance and exposure depending on the niche or industry.  If you ever wondered when would be the best time to submit a press release, there a few key principals that we recommend to those looking to maximize your exposure.

Weekdays vs. Weekends

While the media pulse is always on, weekends are not a good day to publish or push out a press release. Unless it’s a media advisory for an event happening that weekend, you should ideally stick to a Monday through Thursday Schedule. That would be the one of few situations that a press release on the weekend would make sense.

Regarding the best days to schedule one, from experience the early bird gets the worm. You would want to save your publishing days to lean towards the beginning of the week, like Monday or Tuesday.

Most PR professionals would say Tuesday is a good day since you are not competing for attention for Monday’s news reader or inbox. Monday through Thursdays are good days to release your news as it’s the primary slot where journalists and readers are looking for things online. ‘


When Friday comes around, it’s typically a day when work days are cut short and everyone is looking forward to the weekend. Unless it’s a big anticipated launch, try to stick to Thursday as being the latest day of the week to publish something.  If you miss this window, then try to schedule your release for Monday or Tuesday.


Another important note, Holidays are fun but definitely take a toll on reach. If a Holiday is coming up, plan before hand your marketing efforts. Black Friday is always a big press release push as well as Holidays that hit the shopping season, like Halloween, New Years, Valentines Days etc. Here is a list of all the Holidays for this year.

However, you can leverage this by including the “keyword” of the upcoming holiday by aligning your press release with it. Think about how you can spin your news.

We have seen that performance and readership on Holiday days is much less that regular day. Truth be told, having your own editorial calendar for your content marketing effort can help.

Morning and Afternoons

Press Release schedulingPress Releases are published every hour on the hour. However the proverbial question get asked all the time, “When is the best time to publish a press release” We have seen that publishing a press release in the morning yields better results that publishing in the afternoon. However, there are some caveats when publishing. If you publish too soon, you may get your press release lost in the shuffle of inbox limbo. You need to plan out to publish your press release around the 10am mark, where journalist or bloggers are settled in and have more breathing room to view what’s in front of them.  Mid-morning and morning are a good time. However, if happen to have a late press release, don’t fret.  Afternoon postings fair well too. Just make sure you that get your press release in before the 4pm mark of your targeted audience.

International news can happen in your targeted group’s time zone. For example, if you are in the UK, you might want to make sure that your news is schedule for the right time zone if you are targeting North America. However, once your press release is syndicated out in search and on the wires, it remains there for other to pick up on your story.

Last Note

Having an optimized time to publish your press release is good. Be sure to include publishing it to your company’s newsroom or website. It’s important to make it convenient to have a central place to publish your news and announcements. Many companies forget to do this. This will not only help with your website content but also build relevancy and authority when your news is published online.